Which Linux Distribution is Right for You?

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If we were to group computer users according to the  operating systems they use, I think there would be many groups and the intersection of these groups. After separating Windows and Mac OS X users, you can also divide  Linux users into subgroups according to the distribution they use. I think looking at the graph here  will give you an idea to understand how many subgroups there may be.

It is clear that as Linux has developed over the years, a distribution has emerged for every need. Many Linux enthusiasts wonder “which distribution should I install?” at the very beginning of the journey. I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he started his business with the question: Based on this question, we will try to explain the general purposes of Linux distributions as much as we can, in order.

While examining these distributions, we will first  try to use the popularity rates on the distrowatch.com site. After examining the main distributions, we intend to reveal the features of other sub-distributions and their differences from the others.

If you are currently using a Linux distribution, you have already come a long way. We are sure that you are familiar with package systems and GPL licensed programs. Considering the users who will start using  Linux for the first time , we are planning to introduce it with a simple explanation.

Recommendation: If you are going to meet  Linux  for the first time and are thinking of trying a few distributions, it would be beneficial to first try the distribution using virtualization software. Some experience shows that those who want to download the distribution and install it directly on the disk, in a separate partition, can easily give up on the Linux operating system when they encounter an error.

However, this event can be described as trying to see a 3D picture. If you are determined and determined enough, Linux opens its doors to you and you reach incredible heights. Please do not think that we are pro-Linux here. We’re just talking about a different and slightly unorthodox approach. After all, the goal is to introduce an operating system that communicates between you and computer hardware .

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