How to reboot network card from Linux command line?

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You may need to reboot your network card when there is a connection problem in your Linux operating system or when you change the IP settings. You do not need to restart your computer or server to do this. You can turn your network card off and on with the commands we have explained below.

WARNING: This method is used if you have direct access to your computer. If you are remotely connected to your server via SSH, etc., you will lose access because your network card will be disabled. WARNING!!!

To stop the network card

# nmcli networking off

To initialize the network card

# nmcli networking on

If you don’t have direct access to your server, you can try the “restart” method instead of the shutdown/on method.

To Restart the network card

systemctl restart NetworkManager

To check the status of the network card

systemctl status NetworkManager

The commands listed above work on almost all Linux systems. If you have a different network manager on your system, you can refer to the man pages.

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