5 Important Determinations for Personal Information Security

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We are no longer surprised when we come across news about cyber attacks and personal  information security violations. They’re becoming so commonplace you might not even be reading them. Don’t forget that one day you, too, may take part in the news you hear or see. Don’t be surprised if you hear that your personal information is being sold online.

Trend Micro Report

A report published this week by Trend Micro  examines data breaches that occurred between 2005 and 2015.  The report , which examined a total of 4600 incidents , was created using data from the non-governmental organization Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Based on the information  in the report , we would like to point out 5 important points here that you should pay attention to in order to prevent your personal information from falling into the hands of dangerous people/groups.

1. Personal Information Security and Health Information

Health information recorded by public institutions or private sector companies is at the top of the list as a target. There are several reasons for this. First of all, this information is used in social engineering attacks, which are quite common today. Most importantly, since the information held by health institutions is verified by identity, there is very little chance of it being wrong. This type of information with a high probability of being correct is sold in markets called the deep web.

2. Credit Card Theft Increased by 169% in 5 Years

We all know that internet banking and credit card usage are becoming increasingly widespread today. Direct personal  information security attacks are at a very low level against banks that seriously implement measures such as secure connections and virtual credit cards. However, incidents that occur through various copying mechanisms used in POS devices or ATM machines used in points of sale that banks cannot control are increasing. You may be interested in the Reuters news dated September 26, 2015. This news claims that there may have been a credit card information breach at Hilton Hotels.

3. You Need to Be More Careful Against Malware

Many news articles mention phishing attacks that come via e-mail. These types of e-mails are used to arouse curiosity. They aim to get you to click on a link in the message. When you click, you either go to an unrelated site or nothing happens. In fact, malware  has been installed on your system. And with your own consent. Even though the clicking process may seem harmless to you, you are allowing a port to be opened for attackers to reach your computer. 

Another issue that should be emphasized here is that phishing attacks are not only through e-mails. Torrent sites where you search for cracked versions of games you do not want to buy, or sites that publish movies online for free even though they are actually sold for a fee, are used as intermediaries for such businesses. We recommend that you be careful when handing over your computer to your child.

4. Information Obtained through Personal Information Security Breach is Sold on the Net

Bank account information, Paypal Account Information, etc. and all other information are marketed on various platforms called the deep web, which cannot be reached with normal search engines. In addition to purchasing this type of information personally, do not forget that there are also those who can purchase it for espionage purposes. The reputation of a company or its manager may also be selected as a target. In order to reach this manager, first of all, another company employee’s Facebook etc. social media accounts may be subject to a Personal  Information Security Violation. In this case, no one has the luxury of saying “What personal information could I have?” Personal  Information Security is of great concern to every individual using the cyber environment.

5. Physical Security of Devices such as Mobile Phones etc.

It is very important to use the locking feature of lost or stolen smartphones as soon as possible. One of the critical points is that data should not be transferred openly, not only on smartphones but also on other devices such as disks and USBs.

Personal  information security is your responsibility not only for you, but also for all the other people you are in contact with and on your friends list. We would be very happy if you would like to raise some awareness by sharing this article.

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