Canonical announced the coordinated working with Oracle to provide Certified Ubuntu Images on Oracle Cloud. The announcement explains the purpose as to provide enterprises with greater flexibility option for their development and deploying large-scale workloads.

Canonical lists the main target in three important headlines.

  • Collaboration to drive innovation and flexibility into enterprise cloud deployments
  • Ubuntu Certified Images now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Running development and production on Ubuntu can remove migration and engineering costs

Certified Ubuntu images are now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, providing Oracle enterprise customers with increased choice, velocity – a true “grab and go” approach – and new and innovative ways to manage and scale their enterprise workloads, using the number one cloud operating system.

Within the post from Canonical, Udi Nachmany, head of Certified Public Cloud at Canonical explains: “Aside from the obvious cost savings inherent in open source cloud development, one of the key benefits of using official Ubuntu images is that customers use the same operating system at scale in production as in development, at no additional cost – which dramatically simplifies cross-substrate management, migration and re-engineering. Organizations may want to deploy their servers on-premises, develop their own private cloud in-house, or use the Oracle Cloud. Ubuntu offers this flexibility.”

At the Oracle side, “This relationship signifies our strategy to broaden the range of options for enterprise customers, giving them more choice and flexibility when choosing cloud technologies,”said Sanjay Sinha, vice president, Platform Products at Oracle. “We recognise there is a growing demand for innovative new cloud solutions and we are excited to have Canonical offer certified Ubuntu images in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.”

You can read full announcement on Ubuntu Insights website.