I am using Linux Mint for one month and got so happy to hear that Linux Mint 17.3 named “Rosa” is released. As a long term support version, it will get updates until 2019. There are many refinements of recent features. The softwares are also updated. You can see detailed new features list below.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint

In the blog post about new release, it was stated that new “Rosa” can be downloaded from direct download sources. Recent Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” beta users can upgrade by using Update Manager. If you are Linux Mint 17, 17.1 or 17.2 user like me, we will wait for a few days for upgrading. The system should get the new version of Update Manager and process will begin for us.

Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” New features:

Software Sources

Software Sources tool is more reliable than before. Even if a mirror is working correctly, the tool is now able to detect if its content is not up to date. PPA (Personal Package Archives) are now tested for compatibility.

Update Manager

The Update Manager now also performs more checks than before. It warns you if the mirror you’re using is not up to date. Prevents you from damaging the system if that mirror (or your local cache) is corrupted. It shows a little hint even when everything is fine if faster mirrors are available. The local cache used to be refreshed every 30 minutes. It is now refreshed 10 minutes after you log in, and every 2 hours then after.

Driver Manager

The Driver Manager is more robust than before. It refreshes the cache before looking for drivers and reports update and installation errors if appropriate. Drivers are now sorted by status and the Driver Manager now indicates if drivers are Open Source or not. When a Broadcom chipset is detected, along with the recommended Broadcom STA drivers, the Driver Manager now also lists B43 installers (note that these options do require an Ethernet connection).

System improvements

Xorg, Mesa and the Linux kernel were upgraded.

In many cases, this improves hardware support. Imacs for instance no longer need to use nomodeset, scrolling is now functional on some Asus touchpads, suspending is much faster on macbooks…etc.

Other improvements

The welcome screen was redesigned slightly.

LibreOffice was upgraded to version 5.

The screen reader “Orca” is now installed by default.

Nemo-preview is now installed by default. To preview a file, simply select it and press the space bar.

Input Methods are now handled by mintlocale, which replaces im-config in the menu.

Inxi was upgraded and now supports multiple graphics cards.

When using an encrypted home directory, memory swap is no longer encrypted by default and hibernation works out of the box.

OpenVPN support is now installed by default.

Main components

Linux Mint 17.3 features Cinnamon 2.8, MDM 2.0, a Linux kernel 3.19 and an Ubuntu 14.04 package base. Kernel 4.2.0 is placed in the repositories but will not be automatically installed. If you decided to install, you should be careful hence it is not completely tested.

We couldn’t get all the improvements list here. You can read them from the New Features page. As a Mint User, I think that the team deserves a big THANKS from us.