ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, today released its ‘ Trends 2016 : (In)Security Everywhere’ report. Based on intelligence gathered by ESET’s Reseach Laboratories, this report reveals important problems, events and challenges facings us in 2016.
The ‘ Trends 2016 : (In)Security Everywhere’ report provides in-depth analysis of the following areas of concern:

  • Internet of Things: how increased interconnectivity will impact businesses that consider information security key to maintaining their business operations?
  • Ransomware: with new varieties and variants, this type of malware has become increasingly troublesome for both businesses and home users.
  • Targeted attacks: how cyberespionage kits and APTs are likely to impact us in the future?
  • Crimeware: what steps are necessary to protect against new malware families, techniques and campaigns?
  • Haxposure: how big data breaches are impacting both companies and innocent victims?
  • Mobile security: what can we expect from the trend of mobile malware?
  • Windows 10: a look at the security features and user privacy.
  • Critical infrastructure: analyzing how critical systems are at increased risk.
  • Law and regulations: how are standards impacting how we protect our systems and people?

We strongly advise to read the “Threats to kids on the web” section written by Sebastián Bortnik. In this part, he emphasizes the side reflections of generation gap to the Internet usage and potential dangers. Main headlines from his report are Privacy and sexting, Grooming and Cyberbullyng.

You can download the whole report ‘ Trends 2016: (In)Security Everywhere ’ and read more in the latest blogpost on