If we want to predict future, the past events will be the main area to analyze. An interesting report newly released by McAfee Labs. McAfee Labs is one of the world’s leading sources for threat research, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity thought leadership. With data from millions of sensors across key threats vectors—file, web, message, and network—McAfee Labs delivers real-time threat intelligence, critical analysis, and expert thinking to improve protection and reduce risks.

A seperate report named “McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2015” has looked back on the last five years since Intel announced the acquisition of McAfee. They compared what has been thought would happen in the cyber threat landscape with what actually happened.

This new “2016 Threads Predictions” report is looking forward and summarizing the predictions about cybersecurity events for 2016-2020 years. We saw that report has two seperated part.

In the first section of this predictions report, McAfee Labs turn around and look forward five years. There are 21 interviews with key people who shared unique insights into the expected cyber threat landscape and the security industry’s likely response. They were asked to look over the horizon and predict how the types of threat actors will change, how attackers’ behaviors and targets will change, and how the industry will respond between now and 2020.

In the second section is drilling down and make specific predictions about expected threat activity in 2016. Predictions for next year run the gamut from ransomware to attacks on automobiles, and from critical infrastructure attacks to the warehousing and sale of stolen data.

Vincent Weafer, Senior Vice President, McAfee Labs said “We hope that these two views of the future will provide valuable insight as you develop both near-term plans and long-range strategies.” in the hope section of report’s introduction.

The highlights of the first part –Intel Security: A Five-Year Look Ahead- are listed below.

  • Wearables, gadgets, sensors, and other things on the Internet are creating new connections and exposing new vulnerabilities.
  • The personal data economy is going to be a boon for consumers as they capture more and more value from their activities and information.
  • The cyberwarfare capabilities of nation-states will continue to grow in scope and sophistication. Cold and hot offensive cyberattacks will affect political relationships and power structures around the world.

The second part -McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions- has more detailed and subject based information. Some of them are Hardware, Ransomware, Payment systems, Cloud Services and Automobiles.

If you are in this industry, no matter where you are, I will strongly recommend to read the full report from this link.