We have decided to support 28 January ” Data Privacy Day ” and placed a banner on our website header section. As a news website, also encouraging anyone to support the importance of Data Privacy especially for the kids on-line safety.

Data Privacy Day (known in Europe as Data Protection Day) is an international holiday that occurs every January 28. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It is currently ‘celebrated’ in the United States, Canada, and 47 European countries.

Data Privacy Day’s educational initiative originally focused on raising awareness among businesses as well as users about the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information on-line, particularly in the context of social networking. The educational focus has expanded over the past four years to include families, consumers and businesses. In addition to its educational initiative, Data Privacy Day promotes events and activities that stimulate the development of technology tools that promote individual control over personally identifiable information; encourage compliance with privacy laws and regulations; and create dialogues among stakeholders interested in advancing data protection and privacy. The international celebration offers many opportunities for collaboration among governments, industry, academia, nonprofits, privacy professionals and educators.

A social chat activity has been held in twitter with the moderation of @STOPTHNKCONNECT which is the global cybersecurity education & awareness campaign, Co-founded by @StaySafeOnline @APWG @cyber. The chat hashtags were #ChatSTC and #PrivacyAware. You can read 11 important questions and the answers given by the participants including sponsors from hashtag pages. That chat was a good preparation for getting attention about Data Privacy. You can find extra information and materials to get involved with this campaign on Stay Safe Online Website.