One of my friends asked me a question. In fact, he is working on a book about Cyber Security and wanted to learn my ideas about it. The question was, “What the book should contain?”.

I suddenly found myself trying to make empathy with him. Finally, decided to write my ideas in a post here, pretending to be the writer of that book. Let me summarize the bright little ideas which flashed in my mind in the past. Please try to add your comments to this post so they will add more help to my friend.

The book will be 360 degree cyber security. It will contain explanations, written exercises and educational videos. It is too hard to gather all technical information to one book. I think this will be a good start and baseline for other books.

Let’s think simple and micro level. Today, every individual possibly has a smart phone. If a person had an opportunity to reach and buy smart phone, probably he/she has a modem or router in his home. Every one of us -at least for once- had a thought about the number of passwords those we have to remember. There are tons of subscriptions, accounts and online banking codes. The suggestions are being made by the experts to use different and hard to guess passwords but how many of us strictly follow those criteria. So, one of the chapters in the book should be “cyber security of a person in daily life”.

Nowadays, I see a lot of news about children and their safety on internet. I am a member of a generation of whom created own online identity over the net. None of my parents uploaded some picture on behalf of me. What had been done is done by me. Is it same now? No, the new generation – they are our future, had an inherited online identity from their elders. There are two points here. The first one is identity creation. It is a critical responsibility for parents that must be succeeded very carefully. It is true that the social media and it’s variations give extra emotional satisfaction while sharing the moments to everyone but, there is a reality that there are bad guys.

The second point is usage control. Just today, I read a warning tweet about a young girl and her innocent messages through a chat program with a bad guy trying to deceive her. The control of our children’s online usage. It must be strictly observed against bad intentions. They want to play with online games, want to use smart phones of their parents. They have rights to do that, right? Yes, but also some parents are giving the devices to gain time for their daily things. The smart phones and other techno devices must not be used to get rid of their noises. So the book must also has a chapter about “cyber security for children”

The last point that I will emphasize in this post is the content managing systems. They are being used by nearly every one us. The bloggers, small trading companies, non-profit organizations are using those CMS packages. Their names are not important but we always hear that they were being pawned. The blog publishing platforms can also be used for e-trade purposes with some plugins. Their source codes are not always well shaped. The Blog Publishing Platforms security should be another chapter.

These ideas are those I can remember from the past of my daily life. If I was a writer, I definitely analyze and explain them clearly in my cyber security book. Please add your comments to help for a book which will be the first step of my friend’s publishing life.