Chief Information Officers’ (CIO) role in a company is so important. They have critical position between the strategy and policies. They are expected to be on both executive and planning side like the legs of a bridge. Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd defines the CIO’s status as the toughest job in corporate America.

CIO Roles

Generally, the three important roles of CIO are always emphasized. The first one is being a business leader. They must make executive decisions. The second one, they organize human resources hence the organizational skills is so important. The third one is preparing the organization for the future with true, realistic and clear ICT strategy and ICT policy.

You can do CIO

A post about the Strategic CIO Issues of 2016 has recently been published by Bob Evans from Oracle – Chief Communications Officer- on Bob Evans mentions the common attention points for the CIOs on which they should focus. Information technologies and physical products are being combined to make a better life. Changing circumstances are giving new opportunities for companies esp. for the CIO. Cloud services, IoT and wearable technologies are just a few examples.

No matter in which industry the company is, the technological advancements must be adopted to the products for the purpose of development and economical contest. Bob Evans says, “CIOs of the world, it’s time to jump into this revolution fearlessly and joyfully because your backgrounds, your perspectives, your expertise, and your imaginations are needed desperately by your companies as they attempt to engage deeply in this richly blended digital/physical mix—or risk slipping into a nonstop decline marked by unfixable difficulties, growing irrelevance, and, ultimately, oblivion.”

There are important subjects and key messages for business leaders and Chief Information Officers in Evans article. You can read all of it from this web page. There is also a video interview and an info graphic about the issues of 2016 for CIO.

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